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88% Awesome Paravox Review

Paravox by Bela D Media is an NI Kontakt vocal sample library of a teenage soprano, aimed primarily at horror soundtrack work. It’s not extreme, over-the-top screaming and shrieking, though. Instead, it contains 369 MB of the subtly creepy side of horror. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

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Bela D Media has authorized the reselling of all company product with top industry distributors and retailers. Authorization was removed in 2009 but has recently been re-established. This information is a work in progress and we will update you as each retailer completes the process of offering our entire catalog.

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We have updated Vocal Tools Quartet. VTQ now includes the following vocal element: EE ZAY LAH

Vocal Tools Quartet is special edition bundle of the four-part (S A T B) Vocal Tools solo voice series. The VTQ bundle is enhanced with Bela D Media’s newest GUI and a stream-lined V script. The price point is obtainable for those who do not wish to invest in the full series.

Samplecast show 31

The Samplecast is a weekly podcast & YouTube show for sample library geeks, plug-in fans and musicians. Our mission is to bring together soundware developers, users and fans – creating a fun and interactive show which can evolve depending on the audience.


FREE Vocal Tools

For a limited time, the purchase of the newly released Paravox youth soprano library awards a free copy of Vocal Tools Soprano or Vocal Tools Tenor. The free download URL will be emailed after the Paravox watermarks have been assigned to the purchaser.


This offer has expired.

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Vocal Tools Quartet Mini Review

It’s not often the music I produce has the need for vocal ad-libs in the instrumentals, when they do they’re usually samples lifted from vinyl. Recently I found myself looking at a more structured approach to seeking ambient vocal ad-libs through a recent collaboration with TV score writer/producer.

I stumbled across Vocal Tools Quartet by Bela D Media. It’s rather operatic in nature and found it extremely useful especially in adding dramatic vocal ambience – exactly what I was looking for. Vocal Tools Quartet contains all standard sung elements such as Ahh, Too, Vee and many more recorded phrases. It’s a library I’d personally never use as a run of the mill instrument however TV and film score producers will definitely love it. The sounds are superbly recorded with clarity, you’d never know they were being produced in a virtual way – pretty amazing stuff.

You can customise vocal movements, the EQ, the amount of breath and attack all from within the in instrument. It even has its own in-built impulse response church reverb. Vocal Tools Quartet is special edition bundle of the four-part Vocal Tools solo voice series which is enhanced with Bela D Media’s new GUI.

The price is very reasonable considering the quality of what’s on offer, it especially makes sense if you don’t want to purchase the full Bela series. It’s not the run of the mill Kontakt instrument such as pianos, basses, ambient effects, etc – there aren’t many vocal instruments of this type, none that I’ve come across anyway.

Download the demo which requires a full version of Kontakt 4 or 5 and check it out for yourselves (what I did). Audio examples are also available on the developers website.

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V Script Explained

A video walk-through detailing some of the basics features behind Bela D Media’s V Script. V Script is a sophisticated power tool designed to ease the burden of the working composer. This brief tutorial showcases V Alto Choir.

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Paravox Teaser

As we wait for official audio demos by professional composers, we thought we would share a fast and “out the box” teaser.
Paravox is a youth Soprano voice with a soft and lyrical tone powered Bela D Media’s newest GUI and a stream-lined V script.

More Details

Paravox includes vocal elements such as AHH OOH VOO and/or EEE QOO TAH for example and many more derived from chromatically sampled moving vowels. In addition, the user may manipulate “mini melodies” that are chromatically sampled as well. All elements are in the natural legato state with the ability to advance along, miss-match and shuffle any element – in any key – within the given vocal range of the soloist. A special emphasis on the horror genre has been captured. Various effects include prayers, whispers, nursery rhymes, hymns and ghostly breaths.

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This offer has expired but will return on release day.


Bela D’s Phantom Voice and V Alto Choir for Kontakt provide clean and polished sounds for anyone wanting interesting ways to recreate the human voice in their productions. – Matt Vanacoro of

Full Review

Recreating the human voice, or a group of human voices, has long been the holy grail of many a sound developer. The complex range of timbres, harmonics, and percussive elements can make designing even the most simple of choir instruments a herculean task. I had a chance to test drive Phantom Voice and V Alto Choir from Bela D Media and I found two instruments that did a few things differently and were a pleasure to use.

The Sound
When they call it ‘Phantom Voice’, the folks at Bela D aren’t joking. There is an ethereal quality to Phantom Voices that you can hear immediately upon loading it up. Getting a good, polished vocal sound is almost immediate once you get some vocal elements selected and your key switches in order. I found that both choirs, Phantom Voice and V Alto Choir, sounded wonderfully realistic through their offered vocal range.

The vocal sounds themselves sounded a little high-endy when I first called them up, but it was when I put them into a mix that they really began to sing. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one!) In all seriousness, one of the best qualities about Phantom Voice and V Alto Choir is that when put into a mix, I was able to really notice my choir parts without having to crank them up too loud and compete with other sonic frequencies of the mix.

The Scripting
The sustained choir elements are non looped, and they comprise of many usable syllables. The syllables of both Phantom Voice and V Alto Choir are able to be assembled in the V script window. This easily allows you to arrange the various vocal elements (like Ooh, Sah, Too, etc.) into the order you need which. You can switch between your plan of vocal elements by using keyswitches, and it’s simple to do. The Interface This simplicity, however, doesn’t come at a cost to power and customization options. You can adjust the attack and release time of each element individually. Polyphonic legato allows for smooth transitions between notes, and you also have the ability to create and store up to 12 verses with immediate recall.

Both offerings from Bela D Media are standard NKI files and sample collections that can be easily loaded up into Kontakt. They are not ‘wrapped’ libraries, so if you’re used to your instruments showing up like other first party elements of Komplete, there will be a little loading and locating of NKI files for you to contend with. It’s easy enough, and you can always bookmark the NKI files for easy access in the future.

The sound of Phantom Voice and V Alto Choir is clean and polished. I actually had a great experience combining the two of them together to really create a powerful and realistic vocal sound. The installation process was a bit complicated, with RAR files that were password protected and the initial setup of the libraries could be a little smoother. Once I got them up and running, however, the results were worth it for sure.


Coming Soon


Bela D Media will soon release a new vocal library called, Paravox. Paravox is a youth Soprano voice with a soft and lyrical tone. A special emphasis on the horror genre vocal style has been captured. Please sign-up for the Bela D Media newsletter to receive notification of complete details.