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Affiliate Program (BETA)

Affiliate Program

A unique way to save and earn 25% on every product.


Since 2003, Bela D Media ascribes to be on the leading edge of virtual instrument creation with an exclusive dedication to the art of vocal sampling. The company motto is to be driven by quality and affordability. Over the years, Bela D Media has seen success in coordination with talented developers such as Eduardo Tarilonte (Best Service), Alan Lastufka now of YouTube fame and Arron Dirk of Lyrical Distortion.

In pursuit to expand a viable product catalog and user base, Bela D Media is seeking the assistance of new talent by way of an affiliate program. A unique way to save and earn 25%. We consider this to be a complete win-win! As you promote a trusted and well-received developer, you are saving money on any investment made – all while employing your social media connections to generate extra income for yourself.

Affiliate Program

The incentive to affiliate with Bela D Media.com

Save 25%

All affiliated receive a 25% off MSRP promo code for current and future Bela D Media products.

This reduction to MSRP does not expire unless and until the affiliation and/or program is disbanded.

Earn 25%

All affiliated are awarded a 25% payout commission on each product sold via the Affiliation Program.

All revenue shall originate from an unique affiliation ID, independent linkage and the capacity to promote.

Is there a fee to become affiliated?

There is no cost. In fact, you are rewarded in two ways. Firstly, you will receive a life-long savings promo code that reduces your shopping cart by 25% for when you do shop with Bela D Media. Secondly, when you generate an affiliated sale, you earn 25% of that sale.

How do I sell Bela D Media products?

When you sign up to be an affiliate, you are electronically provided with a URL. You embed the URL to any website or Blog or social media format you enjoy popularity and when someone clicks and makes a purchase, the sale is automatically assigned to your affiliate ID. Bela D Media pays its affiliates with in 48 hours.

Am I obligated as an affiliate?

You may opt out at any time and without explanation. Please read Agreement #3 and Conclusion.

May I contact Bela D Media with additional questions?

We welcome any questions you might have and look to answering them. Please visit our contact page.

Affiliate Program

Sounds cool, but how does it all work?

Step #1

To sign up, an affiliate must register a free e-Junkie account. There is no cost when using e-Junkie solely for affiliation. Disregard any mention of free trials and/or a monthly fee. Said expense is for individuals using e-Junkie to sell digital goods.

Step #2

An affiliate must provide a valid PayPal email address and maintain an active PayPal account to receive payout. Payout back to the affiliate is not an automated and may take up to 48 hours per transaction. Payment is sent and received via PayPal.

Bela D Media does not currently support alternatives like Venmo, 2CheckOut, Google Pay and ,etc.

Step #3

Once approved, you will enter the e-Junkie affiliate page to create your profile (Again using a valid PayPal email address) and be provided with links. These links can be hosted on your website or any social media platform. When an individual enters via your posted links, any purchase made by the individual is automatically associated with your Affiliate ID.

Bela D Media is notified to enter a secure database showing commission(s) and thus the payout process will begin.


Any additional and creative concepts – such as mp3 audio demos and YouTube videos – you may wish to create are encouraged (though will require approval to be officially shared by Bela D Media) and there is the possibility of a direct payment to you beyond the affiliate commission.

Affiliate Program

Getting you down to the nitty-gritty.

Agreement #1

The affiliate is not permitted and/or authorized to offer any amount of discount to a potential buyer. The 25% commission is based on the final purchase price. Bela D Media reserves the right to offer promotional discounts that may decrease payout.

Agreement #2

The affiliate is not permitted and/or authorized to break advertising rules of any music forum or social media platform. Noncompliance will result in an immediate disbandment of the affiliate’s account.

Agreement #3

The affiliate is in agreement that his or her account may be evaluated per 30 days for promotional effectiveness. If the affiliate’s account has become inactive or disbanded – the “Save 25%” incentive is no longer valid.

Agreement #4

The affiliate is in agreement that payout will not occur and his or her account will immediately be removed in the event of abuse to the program. E.g., being its own buyer and thus attempting to receive payout/payback.


All of the above is subject to minor changes Рthough the discount and commission rate is secure for the duration of the Affiliate Program. In any event of change, we ask that you consider and agree that the Affiliate Program is currently a working beta. Bela D Media will strive to process any requests to join as soon as possible. Please allow up to 48 hours.

(a.) the affiliate is an asset and not under any form of obligation. He or she may opt out at any time and without explanation. (b.) Bela D Media maintains the right to cancel this program and/or an Affiliate ID at any time. (c.) as an affiliate, you understand agree that Bela D Media may need to contact you periodically via provided PayPal email account.

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We sincerely thank you for your interests!

Join our Affiliate Program