New Product Alert – A Chance to Win

Bela D Media is hard a work on another release. Here you will find a special BETA sneak-peek of VOCI by design. All those who participate, via YouTube comments and subscription, are automatically enter to win a free copy – once released. One winner will be chosen. MSRP and release date to be determined.

VOCI by design Beta Sneak-Peak
VOCI by design Beta Sneak-Peak II

We wanted to make it clear that what you are hearing is solely the product. Nothing else was in use and everything you are hearing is the product. The product contains AH OH OO and EE of a female chamber choir and 1 female soloist that has been edited and sound designed to resemble more that of a stringed instrument than a vocal. There will be a main multi-patch for you to set up and mix as you see fit. If you assign the 3 instruments in the multi to the same midi channel, it will act as one big instrument or you can assign each to their own midi channel and track and mix as you wish. 4 multi “Producer” patches have been set up/mixed by us to get you started. In addition, there will be each as a basic nki file. The stage noises are also a nki file and velocity will control what stage noise is triggered.