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Bela D One Audition is a unique, affordable way to discover and experiment with our products. Each select patch is enhanced with Bela D Media’s advanced scripts and is fully compatible with Native Instruments Kontakt 4, 5 or 6 – full retail versions. There is zero reduction of sample quality or play-ability.

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100% Investment Return

Do you wish to upgrade to a full version? Awesome! Even better news – 100% of your investment will be applied toward the cost of an upgrade. With each audition purchase, $10.00 will be subtracted from the cost of a full version product. To receive a corresponding savings coupon, you must first contact Bela D Media before upgrading. Be sure to include your PayPal transaction ID and contact with the email address used at the time of initial purchase.

Bela D One Audition - A single vocal element

Audition Price: $10.00 | Professional products | Amazing price!

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This page is currently under construction. Please check back soon for a complete list of BELA D One Audition products.


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