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PARAVOX Youth Soprano - Full version download for Kontakt

Traditional Price: $139.98 New Price: $69.99

Paravox is a youth Soprano voice with a soft and lyrical tone powered Bela D Media’s newest GUI and a stream-lined V script. Paravox includes vocal elements such as AHH OOH VOO and/or EEE QOO TAH for example and many more derived from chromatically sampled moving vowels. In addition, the user may manipulate “mini melodies” that are chromatically sampled as well.

All elements are in the natural legato state with the ability to advance along, miss-match and shuffle any element – in any key – within the given vocal range of the soloist. A special emphasis on the horror genre has been captured. Various effects include prayers, whispers, nursery rhymes, hymns, and ghostly breaths.


The horror genre has been captured

Product Details
Soprano solo voice 16 years of age
Studio dry-environment audio
Historic Church IRF included
Near microphone positioning
Recorded via the CAD Trion 8000 tube microphone and Pro Tools
Paravox Vocal Tools - Moving Elements
Paravox Play - Mini Melodies - Mixed Vowels - Chromatically Sampled
Vocal Phrases 01 <E – F# – G – B – F#>
Vocal Phrases 02 <E – B – F#>
Vocal Phrases 03 <E – F# – G – F#>
Vocal Phrases 04 <E – G – F# – E>
Vocal Phrases 05 <E – Eb – F# – E>
Vocal Phrases 06 <E – F – F – E>
Vocal Phrases 07 <E – F# – E – G>
Vocal Phrases 08 <E – G – F# – E>
Paravox Play - Effects - Hymns - Nursery Rhymes
Vocal Effects 01-08 includes various ghostly moans and breaths.
Hymns 01-04 includes various spoken hymns whispered.
Nursery Rhymes includes various rhymes from the early 1700s that remain popular today –
despite a dark and morbid meaning.

The V Script

V Script is a sophisticated power tool designed to ease the burden of the working composer. Most aspects are done behind the scenes or on the fly. The composer simply needs to create vocal sequences (a group of elements) and store each by a simple press of a Key-switch.

  • Real-time sequencing and instant call-back of self-created vocal movements
  • 12 storage locations
  • 12 steps per self-created phrase
  • Copy and store vocal movements via a key switch with instant call-back
  • GUI controllable attack and release per vocal element
  • GUI controllable vocal EQ
  • GUI controllable Impulse Response church reverb
  • GUI controllable user-added EFX slot
  • Mod controllable vocal air and darkness

Audio Demonstrations

PARAVOX Youth Soprano - Full version download for Kontakt

Traditional Price: $139.98 New Price: $69.99

Format & Requirements
Presently all Bela D Media products require the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt. Our products do not include a Player/Engine/VSTi. Any Player/Engine/VSTi you may own from another product cannot be used. This includes the free Kontakt Player or demo modes. Native Instruments Kontakt 4/5. Tested successfully in Kontakt 6 but not yet officially stated to be compatible.
You are purchasing a downloadable sound-ware product. Said product is stored on your hard drive and you are granted a usage license. Bela D Media does not allow for a refund or exchange. All sales are final and you agree to terms.
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Cost – $69.99 USD
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