Recent Accolades

Impeccably recorded vocal performances that are playable, inspiring, and absolutely excellent. As different libraries come and go from my template, Bela D Media products remain.
Ed Lima

With synthetic voice engines still not fooling anyone’s ear, the best bet for vocals generated within your DAW is still multi-sampling notes and phrases sung by a professional singer. Diva Revamp from Bela D Media does just that, with a library of beautiful phrases sung by two classically trained sopranos.
Music Tech

Never have I heard as much emotion from a choir that I wasn’t conducting live myself.
Sound On Sound Magazine

The sound is a soft, gentle soprano – not Wagnerian full blast – with light vibrato. It’s a timbre which would fit not only in horror soundtracks but also a lot of fantasy soundtracks and electronic tracks which don’t need lyrics, especially trance.
Bedroom Producers

In all seriousness, one of the best qualities about Phantom Voice and V Alto Choir is that when put into a mix, I was able to really notice my choir parts without having to crank them up too loud and compete with other sonic frequencies of the mix.
Ask Audio