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Well, DIVA REVAMP has been in my hands for a week now and it is totally indispensable already. Bela D have encouraged a rich, full vocal sound from the beautifully talented artists and engineered with incredible consistency from note to note and from patch to patch. All of the looped patches are seamless, all of the samples are very clean. The Kontakt scripting is set up for really quick, intuitive control – I absolutely can not fault it. The idea of sequencing the parameter adjustments gives a surprisingly deep level of controlled humanization – within minutes I was producing realistic performances, and I hadn’t even read the documentation. Fatmartyn | Time+Space

Do you like real Female Voices for an incredible price. Start with The DIVA REVAMP Library. No other library brand can match this high quality sound, especially not for this price. You will be astound by the scripting possibilities within the NI Kontakt player and the use of key-switches. All the patches are well organized and easy to use. If you ever start with Bela D Media libraries, and discover their quality, you will buy them all. Frans B | Time+Space

Great to have a teenager doing voices that sound a little haunting when sitting in the mix. This 16 year old at the time is great in the middle of her journey from small child to adulthood. In the middle is just right. A little Gothic and nursery rhymes is an added bonus for scoring. Great for creepy and haunting scores. Stephen W | Time+Space