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String Voice Expression


Cost – $99.99 USD
Compatible with the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5 and 6.
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SVE - Full version download for Kontakt

MSRP: $99.99

Created with a combination of sampling manipulation techniques and advanced scripting within Native Instruments Kontakt 5 or higher, String Voice Expression is a lush and emotional string-based scoring tool. Generated solely by voice samples, a very unique virtual instrument becomes a powerful sketch pad for the working composer. Features include a female Alto soloist in vocal overlay and producer designed multi-patches. In addition, String Voice Expression encompasses a unique legato feature that will reshape the sampled tone over time and authentic stage performance ambience to add realism to MIDI compositions.

String Voice Expression

A powerful sketch pad

We are happy to announce a free add-on to String Voice Expression. A secondary vocal patch. This patch is taken from the same Alto soloist and employs an “Eh – as is day” vowel tone. This free update is available after purchase.


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Product Details
2 octave string section – simulated via vocal samples
String Voice bank 1-4
String Voice bank 5-8
1 octave Female Alto vocalist
Various vocal-generated pads
Multi and single Kontakt patches
Assignable MIDI control within a multi-patch
Mod-wheel control of brightness
Time-based legato
Studio environment
Church ambient with IRF included
Mapped C3- C5

.nki Files Multi

.nki Files Single

632 mb
235 .wav files
44.1 hz 24 bit stereo
293 mb Kontakt memory
18 nki files
292mb Kontakt memory
.nki load time based on system resources.
Sustained Elements
Sustained Elements (Non-looped) approximately 8-10 seconds long.
Stage Noise
Atmospheric stage noise samples. One sample for each mapped note.

The V Script

V Script is a sophisticated power tool designed to ease the burden of the working composer. Most aspects are done behind the scenes or on the fly. The composer simply needs to create vocal sequences (a group of elements) and store each by a simple press of a Key-switch.

Please note that String Voice Expression is not the typical Bela D Media vocal product – it does not provide a significant list of elements with user control down to a sung syllable.

To learn more about the V script –
V Script Explained

  • Real-time sequencing and instant call-back of self-created vocal movements
  • Mix elements into 12 part vocal steps to create a sung verse
  • Create and store up to 12 verses with instant call-back
  • Time-based polyphonic legato
  • GUI controllable attack and release per step sequence
  • GUI controllable vocal compression, church reverb and EQ
  • Bypass all for a studio dry environment
  • GUI controllable empty effects slot = ADD

Video Demonstration

100% "Out of the box!"

Audio Demonstrations

Composer Demos

STRING VOICE EXPRESSION Sea Of Lament by Heidenreich

SVE - Full version download for Kontakt

MSRP: $99.99

Format & Requirements
Presently all Bela D Media products require the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

Our products do not include a Player/Engine/VSTi. Any Player/Engine/VSTi you may own from another product cannot be used. This includes the free Kontakt Player or demo modes.

Compatible with Native Instruments Kontakt 5 and 6.

Not yet officially stated to be compatible with Kontakt 7.

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Cost – $99.99 USD
Compatible with the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5 and 6.
Available discounts are not shown until adding an authorized promo code at checkout.