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Vocal Tools Latin Tenor


Cost – $69.99 USD
Compatible with the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4, 5 and 6.
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VOCAL TOOLS LATIN TENOR - Full version for Kontakt

Newly Released Price: $69.99

Vocal Tools Latin Tenor is part two of a (S A T B) four-part classical voice series. This is a re-introduction of the series with re-mastered audio and newly advanced scripting techniques. Previously to this release, the Vocal Tools series was sold only via distribution channels and in a non GUI, NI Kontakt 4 format. VTL Tenor is fully compatible with Native Instruments Kontakt 4/5/6 – full retail versions.

By means of unique programming, sample editing, and the advanced Vocal Tools script, Bela D Media brings you the first sampled voice library to utilize vocal phrase sequencing. The user has complete control over the elements within a given phrase across the vocal scale. Created exclusively for Native Instruments Kontakt, the Tenor is sung with a dark and haunting operatic vocal style that will lend itself perfectly to any film or media project.

What is sung? VTL Tenor has a significant gathering of Latin and Gregorian vocal elements and you control the phrase! All vocal movements are in the natural legato state with the ability to advance along, miss-match, and shuffle – in any key – within the given vocal range of the soloist. Vocal Tools Audition is 24-bit audio, recorded via the CAD Trion 8000 tube microphone direct into Pro Tools.


A bit of vocal magic reimagined

Product Details
Solo Tenor vocalist
Range e4-a5
2 nki files
24 bit audio
Studio environment
Church ambient with IRF included
What is sung?
VTL Tenor 01.nki
Agnus Dei
Confutatis Maledictis
Depoenis Inferni
Libera Me

VTL Tenor 02.nki
Requiem Aeternam

Please carefully read the FAQ section to interpret if you may already have a license to this data.

Product FAQ
Q: Do I already own this data?
A: Yes – If you have a license to the original Vocal Tool Tenor.

Q: I already own Vocal Tools Quartet. What is the difference?
A: Vocal Tools Quartet does not include the Latin vocal elements and is four vocalists.

Q: Is Vocal Tools Latin the same vocalists used in Vocal Tools Quartet?
A: Yes. Again, VTL includes the Latin vocal elements.

Q: I already own one or more of the discontinued Vocal Tools Audition products. What’s different?
A: Vocal Tools Audition was a single vocal element per vocalists.

Q: Is there an upgrade path for VTA, VTQ and VT owners?
A: Not at this time but we do run sales often enough.

The V Script

V Script is a sophisticated power tool designed to ease the burden of the working composer. Most aspects are done behind the scenes or on the fly. The composer simply needs to create vocal sequences (a group of elements) and store each by a simple press of a Key-switch.

  • Mod wheel controlled sample offset for linear phrase manipulation
  • Pitch Bend wheel assigned to sample speed offset (slowing and speed-up) for subtle tempo manipulation
  • Real-time sequencing and instant call-back of self-created vocal movements
  • Mix elements into 12 part vocal steps to create a sung verse
  • Create and store up to 12 verses with instant call-back
  • Attack and release control per 12 step element
  • GUI controllable attack and release per vocal element
  • GUI controllable vocal EQ and Effect
  • GUI controllable Impulse Response church reverb
  • Bypass for a studio dry environment

Video Demonstrations

Sound Examples

Note about Review: VTL Tenor ONE in use. Same product – different soloist.

Audio Demonstrations

This audio demonstration was composed with the original and complete Vocal Tools Tenor.

A combination of VTL (Latin) and Vocal Tools Quartet (Non Latin).

Bela D One Audition

VTL Tenor One "Libera Me" $10.00

A unique, affordable way to discover and experiment with our products. There is zero reduction of sample quality or play-ability. With purchase, 100% of that investment can be applied toward the cost of a full version product.


VOCAL TOOLS LATIN TENOR - Full version for Kontakt

Newly Released Price: $69.99

Format & Requirements
Presently all Bela D Media products require the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt. Our products do not include a Player/Engine/VSTi. Any Player/Engine/VSTi you may own from another product cannot be used. This includes the free Kontakt Player or demo modes.

Compatible with Native Instruments Kontakt 4, 5 and 6.

Not yet officially stated to be compatible with Kontakt 7.

You are purchasing a downloadable sound-ware product. Said product is stored on your hard drive and you are granted a usage license. Bela D Media does not allow for a refund or exchange. All sales are final and you agree to terms.
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Cost – $69.99 USD
Compatible with the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4, 5 and 6.
Available discounts are not shown until adding an authorized promo code at checkout.