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Welcome YouTube Influencers

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Welcome YouTube Influencers

Bela D Media was formed in 2003 by CEO/Producer Francis Belardino and is the only sampling company solely dedicated to vocals. Though we have a strong, and somewhat cult following, we wish to gain more exposure via YouTube influence. We sincerely look forward to working with you.

Basic Agreement
. You understand and agree that requesting a free download is a written agreement to produce a YouTube video.
. You understand and agree that Bela D Media requests said video review to be published within 14 days of download date.
. You understand and agree that Bela D Media reserves the right of refusal of any request and publishing of said video review.
First and Last name
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Enter your website and/or YouTube channel URL.
Enter the name of product you wish to cover.
Any additional message to Bela D Media.com
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